When You Should or Should Not Spend Money on Fighting a DUI Charge

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when you should or should not spend money on fighting a dui charge

When You Should or Should Not Spend Money on Fighting a DUI Charge

In any situation, you should seek legal counsel for two reasons. 1) To ensure that, notwithstanding the viewpoints presented in this blog, your circumstance does not include a unique fact that might make your case distinct. 2) To guard against being railroaded by a dishonest prosecutor who takes advantage of an unrepresented defendant. As a result, even while you should always consult a lawyer, not every situation calls for spending thousands of dollars to try to win. Contact a DUI lawyer at Singh Law 4 U for any DUI case.

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DUI : The Law and Punishment

There are typically two methods for someone to be found guilty of DUI.

  1. When a person consumes enough of an intoxicant, whether legal or illicit, like alcohol, a prescription painkiller, or marijuana, to make it unsafe for them to operate a car or perform other tasks, or
  2. When a person has consumed an amount of an alcoholic beverage that exceeds the permitted legal limit. For the most part, that is. In most states that is . 08 blood alcohol limit.

According to either of these theories or even both, a person can be found guilty of DUI. For instance, even if the State can show that your driving was still impaired even though your blood alcohol level was below the legal limit for your state, you may still be charged with DUI. On the other hand, you can be charged with DUI. if your ability to drive appeared unimpaired but you were still over the legal limit.

Factors That May Affect Your Attorney’s Ability to Successfully Contest Your DUI

  1. DUI arrests in the past (This information is probably not admissible at trial but may influence the plea deal the prosecutor is willing to make. The prosecution can refuse to drop the accusation of careless driving if there have been previous arrests.
  2. Your driving. You were either traveling the wrong way on a four-lane highway and forcing motorists off the road when you were stopped for exceeding the speed limit by 5 miles per hour.
  3. On the video of the traffic stop and the field sobriety test, do you appear sober or intoxicated?
  4. A blood or breath test for alcohol use was performed; what was the outcome, high or low? It stands to reason that the case is more likely to be defeated the lower or closer the test result is to the legal limit.
  5. Did you decline to give a sample of your blood or breath for testing?
  6. Were any anomalies or mistakes in the case, like:
  7. An errors report on the breathalyzer printout.
  8. Improper use or handling of the breathalyzer during maintenance.
  9. Evidence that was mishandled or lost.
  10. As previously indicated, the police officer stopped your car in an improper manner at the outset.
  11. Do either involuntary intoxication or the appearance of intoxication as the result of a medical condition have any supporting evidence?

Weighing These Factors and Determining Whether or Not a Fight is Worth the Investment

Whether you were stopped illegally is the lone aspect that can make a difference. If so, the lawsuit will typically be dismissed—though not always—as a result of that one fact.

The prosecutor may be persuaded to offer you a reduced charge after considering all other factors collectively and determining whether reasonable doubt can be raised at trial to win a not guilty verdict. For instance, there is a good chance that the prosecutor can persuade him or her to offer you a reduced charge if there was no reckless driving, and if your blood alcohol level was.08, you appeared sober in the video, and this is your first offense. If he doesn’t, these facts would undoubtedly warrant spending the money to take the case to trial because most qualified D.U.I. attorneys would have a strong chance of persuading a jury that the right judgment is not guilty given this combination of circumstances.

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Benefits of Contacting a DUI Lawyer

Driving can be exhilarating and enjoyable, but it is not as entertaining when done while intoxicated. Have you ever been the target of a police pursuit or a DUI (driving under the influence) arrest? If it is, take a moment to breathe deeply before calling a DUI lawyer. You can get rid of these difficulties with the aid of a DUI lawyer. A skilled DUI lawyer will be able to effectively defend you in court if they have the relevant experience and training. Many highly qualified and experienced DUI lawyers can be hired at the time of your needs.

Get in Touch With The Best DUI Lawyer in Massachusetts

If you are charged with DUI, you should consult a lawyer because they could be able to lower your charges or your sentence. At Singh Law 4 U, we are here to help you in reaching a favorable result and defending your legal rights. An initial meeting will be held by our skilled legal team so that we can get to know you and the situation. In case you’re looking for the best DUI lawyer in Massachusetts, get in touch with us right away!


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