Why Criminal Lawyers Defend The Guilty: Here’s Some Major Reasons

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Criminal Lawyers Defend The Guilty

Why Criminal Lawyers Defend The Guilty: Here’s Some Major Reasons

“Why do criminal lawyers defend the guilty” is a commonly asked question in everyone’s minds as a person who is guilty should be punished in eyes to the law. Still, why do a criminal defense attorney fight for them?

Criminal defense lawyers indeed play a crucial role in the legal system as they don’t only fight the case for a criminal and also help them to get justice. Just because a criminal defense lawyer is protecting the guilty doesn’t mean the professional is without any ethics or goodwill. There are multiple reasons why a criminal lawyer defends the guilty and the law is offering them the right to do that. That’s also significant to learn “what you can expect from a criminal defense lawyer” to get clear ideas about the role of criminal attorneys in the court.

So, let’s discuss the topic further –

Criminal Lawyers Defend The Guilty


Why Criminal Lawyers Defend The Guilty: Here’s Some Major Reasons

It’s beyond our natural process of thinking as the law gives permission to criminal lawyers to defend those who are accused guilty of any type of crime. Here are major reasons to consider important and understand criminal law –

  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty

According to the US Constitution, a person is innocent until proven guilty of any crime. And this fundamental right is offered to all of the citizens of a country. A criminal defense attorney is responsible to prove an accused as an innocent, whereas a prosecutor will make attempts to prove the guilt.

  • Criminal Defendants Have The Constitutional Rights

Several fundamental rights are even permitted to criminal defendants by the US Constitution. It doesn’t depend on whether you are guilty or not, such rights are offered to a criminal attorney in every criminal case. In our criminal justice system, criminal attorneys play an important role when it comes to protecting all of those constitutional rights.

  • The Fifth Amendment

According to the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution, the following four constitutional rights are crucial for all criminal defendants –

  1. The Right To Grand A Jury
  2. The Right To Be Free From Double Jeopardy
  3. Protection Against Self-Incrimination
  4. The Guarantee of Due Process Law

Nobody should be given capital punishment, unless on a presentment of the grand jury or in the militia. This will also create a number of rights relevant to civil or criminal proceedings.

  • The Sixth Amendment

The Sixth US Constitutional Amendment is another major source of protection for all criminal defendants, which will offer some of the most protected rights as follows –

  1. The Right To A Speedy Trail
  2. The Right To Be Represented By The Counsel
  3. The Right To An Impartial Jury
  4. The Right To Face Your Opponents
  5. Nature of Evidence And Charges Against The Defendant

It has been visibly proven in a series of cases related to terrorism, and much more often records in cases of jury selection or witness protection. This further includes victims of sex crimes and witnesses in need of extra safety.

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