Steps To Take Immediately After A DUI Charge

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6 Steps To Take Immediately After A DUI Charge

Steps To Take Immediately After A DUI Charge

If you want to understand the right steps to take immediately after a DUI charge,then you’ve reached the right platform. Here we will outline whatever is requisite after being charged with DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol).

To begin with, a DUI charge and arrest can have a significant impact on your life. If not completely canceled, your driving license will probably be suspended. You can be subject to high fines, fees, and other penalties, in addition to serving imprisonment. Lastly, your employability will suffer, and you might even lose your job. Therefore, a DUI charge is nothing to take lightly.

So, let’s find the basic 6 steps to take immediately after a DUI charge

  1. Get A Ride Home

In case someone picks you up and pays your security, some counties will enable you to get an immediate release from jail after being charged with a DUI case. But, other counties will make you spend a whole night in jail until you sober up. So, finding a ride home is the right course of action no matter what situation you’re in. If you are caught with a DUI charge, your license will probably be suspended immediately. As a result, you shouldn’t take the chance of driving yourself home and paying additional charges.

  1. Set Your Court Date In Priority

A notice of your court appearance date will be issued to you before you are allowed to leave the jail. Don’t disregard this date under any circumstances, so you need to put the time and date of your court appearance in your calendar as soon as you arrive home. To make sure you don’t have any conflicting appointments on that day and get in touch with the best DUI lawyer to handle your case.

  1. Hire A Professional DUI Lawyer

Hiring the best DUI attorney to manage your court hearing is always a smart choice. Because if you plan to enter a not-guilty plea at your court appearance, is the most obvious of all. You need to appoint a qualified DUI lawyer to help you establish your innocence in court. Also, if you want to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, an attorney can assist you to manage many of the crucial stages as well. Even if you admit guilt and are found guilty of DUI, an experienced DUI lawyer can speed up the process so that you can regain your license and resume your normal life at the earliest.

  1. Get Ready For Your Court Appointment

In case you are pleading guilty, you need to present the necessary paperwork in the courtroom. And also, you need to prepare a number of prep works, which only an experienced attorney can assist you with. These findings include recollecting your memories of what was the incident of that evening, gathering witnesses of people who were present on the spot, and so on.

  1. Make Transportation Arrangements

After the suspension of your driving license, you need to make alternative arrangements for transport for your court date. A hardship license enabling you to drive yourself to work or school may occasionally be granted by the court. In case you are not, you will need to plan for transportation to these locations, and find out how to use the local public transportation system, or both.

  1. Consider SR-22 Insurance 

Start learning about SR-22 vehicle insurance immediately, even if your driving license is currently on suspension. To discuss what to anticipate for your new insurance rates, get an SR-22 form and get in touch with your insurance company. It’s further important to ensure that your insurance premiums will probably increase significantly and last for a while.

After you appear in court, there will be a lot more steps to take immediately after a DUI charge, and it’s crucial to complete any classes, probationary periods, or other necessities made of you at the hearing. Now that you want to consult an experienced DUI lawyer for the best help, look for Singh Law 4 U for the same. Open 24 hours to serve clients, we are experts to assist you to attain successful results and protect all your rights legally. So, dial us at (508) 342-5551 for booking an online consultation with our qualified attorneys. Call today!

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