Common Mistakes Police Makes During Arrests and Stops

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Common Mistakes Police Makes During Arrests and Stops

Common Mistakes Police Makes During Arrests and Stops

Police officers work hard and provide a valuable service, putting their lives at risk, just to ensure the safety of the entire community. But, there can also be some scenarios where police officers can make mistakes which can be troublesome for innocent people.

Not to mention, we also need the police to follow the rules just like they seek to enforce them. However, things don’t always work this way. Hence, it’s crucial that you recognize the mistakes that police officers make during an arrest for DUI. We suggest hiring the best DUI lawyer in Attleboro, MA. Singh Law 4 U is a renowned law firm with a team of experienced DUI lawyers you can trust.

In this blog, we will discuss the top five mistakes the police make during stops or arrests. Let’s dive deeper into it below.

Six Mistakes That Police Make During Arrests

Mistake #1: No probable cause for a traffic stop

Most of the arrests begin with traffic stops. You must have seen police often stop drivers and arrest them for DUI (driving under the influence) or possession of drugs. But, the police should have a valid reason to stop a person. Just because they have authority, they can’t stop someone without any reason. The police need to have reasonable suspicion. Not having one can make it an illegal activity.

Mistake# 2: Misconduct during the arrest

The police officer can of course use force if you resist arrest but there is some restriction as to how physical they can be. They may face consequences if they’re found to be violating these laws. Besides, you can also use their verbal misconduct like abuse and unprofessional behavior in court. Make sure to hire the best DUI lawyer in Attleboro, MA.

Mistake #3: Illegal searches

No police officers are allowed to conduct invalid searches and seizures as per the Fourth Amendment. They must have a warrant before barging into someone’s house and searching it. This same rule is applicable to the traffic stops also. But, the officers can search vehicles in case of a reasonable cause.

Mistake #4: Not reading the Miranda rights

In case of a situation where you’re arrested and interrogated, the police officer is supposed to read out the Miranda rights. If this happens, whatever you say will be of no use in the courtroom. Make sure to inform your lawyer in such a scenario as this can be extremely helpful to fight the case.

Mistake #5: Incorrectly administered sobriety tests

The officers need dedicated training in order to be able to administer sobriety as well as breath tests. Failing to administer these tests can signify drunkenness even when the person isn’t drunk in reality. It’s crucial for people facing charges on the basis of these test results to question if the officer correctly conducted the tests.

Mistake #6: Illegal Interrogation

After arresting the person, the police are supposed to let you know about your constitutional rights before they proceed with the interrogation part. You must know that you can choose to be silent and have the right to hire and talk to your criminal defense lawyer. But, the police sometimes fail to remind you of these rights and use invalid tactics during interrogation like telling lies, denying food, not letting you use the washroom, etc. And the matter is, even if these tactics are unlawful, they use it. But, you must know whether these interrogations are legal or they toe the line. Your lawyer can help you navigate through this situation.

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