Can You Get Compensation For Wrongful Convictions?

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Compensation For Wrongful Convictions

Can You Get Compensation For Wrongful Convictions?

It must be haunting for people who spend years in prison for a crime they didn’t even commit. So, can such people claim any compensation when such an unjust conviction is overturned? The answer is Yes. But it depends upon how skilled and experienced your attorney is. 

Singh Law 4 U can help you with the best criminal defense attorney in Attleboro, MA. We also find it fair that such people are at least entitled to some compensation for the tragic time they were compelled to spend behind bars wrongly. This process is actually called “Restitution” in the legal term. 

A Brief Guide On Restitution

Firstly, let us tell you that Restitution laws vary from state to state and not every state has this law. However, you will be relieved to learn that most states at least have some sort of compensation for the ones who were unjustly sent to prison.

Let us take a reference from a case study. The Innocence Project, which is a Non-Profit Legal help group, had a lawsuit where they stated that there is a federal standard to provide compensation to individuals who were unjustly imprisoned for federal crimes.  The amount they sought was $50,000 for each year victims sent to prison. Furthermore, they were also entitled to an additional amount. 

Many of you might think that no amount of compensation can actually compensate for the years a person had to spend in prison in spite of being innocent. But this can at least provide some financial support to them and their family. 

Are Restitutions Automatic?

As we mentioned above, restitutions vary on state, it isn’t always automatic. Some states like New York don’t have favorable restitution laws. Hence, you definitely need a lawyer who can fight for you and help you get the compensation you’re entitled to. You might be thinking why does it work differently for New York Law? Let me explain this. 

Under New York Law, the person who was wrongfully convicted will first have to prove the following factors in order to get the compensation. Let us have a look at them.

The victim was imprisoned for a crime against the state and sent to prison, and they have served a part of the sentence.

The person has been proven innocent and acquainted after the dismissal of accusations. 

The person didn’t commit any offense while they were in prison.

Do You Need To Hire The Best DUI Lawyer in Attleboro, MA To Get Compensation?

Yes! Hiring the best DUI lawyer in Attleboro, MA will get you the best amount of compensation. You definitely need an expert in order to deal with a legal matter efficiently. There are a lot of criminal law firms but you need the best support to get justice. 

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