Should I Get A Lawyer For My First DUI?

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Should I Get A Lawyer For My First DUI?

It’s beneficial to hire the best DUI lawyer to represent your case whenever you are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drug charges. Mainly for the first-time DUI suspect, it’s obvious to appoint a certified attorney to protect your rights and get justice if you are innocent. Your financial ability is also important if you are accused of legal charges.

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So, if it’s your first time breaking the law – whether it’s for a DUI or another offense – be prepared for an expensive legal process. Because DUI is a serious offense that could have an impact on your work and future. Most people will advise you that you need to work with a defense lawyer who specializes in cases involving drunk drivers. Also, DUI offenses are not to be treated lightly due to their potentially fatal implications. If you get arrested, you may easily wind up in jail.

Therefore, if the question comes into your mind that should I get a lawyer for my first DUI? Then, you might not be confused about whether you need to get an attorney, as the answer is “yes” always. For the judge, it makes little to no difference if you’re a first-time offender. DUI is a severe charge that could negatively impact your future and job, but you can win your case and resume living a normal life with the help of a qualified DUI lawyer.

Is DUI For The First Time A Felony?

In Massachusetts, a first-offense DUI is sometimes considered to be less serious than subsequent charges. This implies that there are many categories of punishments for first-time, second-time, third-time, fourth-time, and repeat offenders. However, if your drunk driving causes serious collisions, physical harm, or death, you could still face felony charges.

What Can DUI Lawyers Do To Help Defend Your First DUI Case?

DUI charges for the first time typically result in a standard punishment of an $1800 fine and 48 hours in jail. However, in specific circumstances, such as when you cause an accident while driving drunk (high BAC levels), your punishment may be increased. A highly-experienced DUI lawyer will be helpful in these situations. That involves –

• Protect Your Rights

If you hire a lawyer after your first DUI, they will review the specifics of your case to look for any potential defenses for you. Despite breaking the law, you are still protected by both state and federal laws and should be properly arrested. Your DUI attorney can create a defense to contest your arrest in the event that there are inconsistencies in these areas –

 If you have doubts about the officer’s credibility who detained you
 Whether or not the required testing methods were adhered to
 Whether or not the enforcement officer had your permission before testing you
 How precise were the testing tools that determined your BAC levels?
 Whether the traffic stop was lawful, do the police have sufficient grounds to halt you while driving?

Because if any anomalies are uncovered, your case may end up getting dismissed.

• Motion To Suppress

The first strategy your attorney can use to exclude evidence from a trial is a motion to suppress. Here, your attorney makes the case that particular evidence shouldn’t be presented to a jury or court as it was collected through violating your rights, and instead, it should not be. But, if the evidence was collected improperly, as was the case with the irregularity, your attorney can ask that the evidence from your automobile and the chemical results not be introduced in court.

• Negotiations For Penalty Charges

If you are a repeat offender or a first-time offender, among other things, will determine how severe your penalties are. Penalties for first-time DUI offenders are often less severe than those for repeat offenders. First offense punishments can nevertheless have a detrimental influence on your life, despite their leniency.

In some cases, especially when there is substantial evidence in your favor, you could decide to plead guilty freely. An attorney can assist you in negotiating fees in such situations. Prosecutors are able to provide fair pre-trial bargains despite the fact that a first DUI violation carries its own set of sanctions. Your attorney can persuade the prosecution to replace significant charges with lesser ones, such as minor driving infractions.

• Get Legal Counsel

Although you may know people with a history of DUI arrests among your friends and family, keep in mind that each DUI case is unique. They may not add much to your case, but you will need to know the answers to key queries. Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you whether your plea decision is right or wrong. If you have no prior legal experience with DUI charges, you could feel hopeless. But, if you have access to a DUI lawyer who can assist you with the proceedings, you can stay safe and enjoy peace of mind.

Your lawyer will assist you in assessing your situation and counsel you regarding the best course of action. They will even walk you through the court procedure and give you the best legal knowledge. You may be given more options than repeat offenders because this is your first offense for a DUI, such as a disposition program to avoid getting a criminal record.

To choose the right option for your case, you need to understand various options that are accessible and can move promptly. Making decisions on your own without legal counsel may end up costing you money as the penalty will be high.

What Should You Do Following Your First DUI Arrest?

The first thing you should do after being detained for a first DUI violation in Massachusetts is to get in touch with a lawyer who will guide you through the required legal steps to prevent facing additional fines.

Without the “discovery” materials, a DUI lawyer won’t assess the facts of a certain case. The discovery items are referred to as police reports, videos, and records of completed chemical tests. These will enable attorneys to clear up many other grey areas and determine whether the police made a critical error that affected the outcome of the case or if the tests utilized were flawed. This indicates that hiring a lawyer to represent you improves your odds of succeeding over going it alone.

Therefore, you must contact a lawyer as quickly as you can if you are detained for a first-time DUI charge.

How To Find A Qualified DUI Attorney For The Best Help?

It’s always ideal to select a legal representative for your case who specializes in what you need, in this case, a DUI attorney. An attorney that focuses on DUI matters will have more expertise and understanding in that area. Also, doing your homework would be the first step if you had never dealt with an attorney before. So, look for local attorneys who specialize in the area in which you are interested.

If you are a resident of Massachusetts, Sign Law 4 U has the best DUI lawyer in Massachusetts to help you solve your case as they have already won several court cases similar to yours. You can undoubtedly beat your DUI arrest with the help of our skilled and experienced DUI lawyers, whether through negotiation, defending your rights, or providing legal counsel. For your first DUI offense situation, feel free to dial us at (508) 342-5551 today!


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