Is There a Difference Between an OUI Defense and a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Is There a Difference Between an OUI Defense and a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Is there a significant difference between an OUI defense lawyer and a generic criminal defense lawyer? This widespread query has been sparked by advertisements for law firms. The public’s perception of OUI as separate from other forms of criminal behavior has intensified the debate.

OUI is a crime, regardless of the State. Despite this, many attorneys, advertise themselves as criminal defense and OUI lawyers.

The explanation for this is simple: most persons charged with OUI do not consider themselves “criminals.”

They want an attorney with specific expertise, training, and experience with OUI cases, not assault, burglary, or arson cases. As a result, many criminal defense lawyers who are experienced in other sorts of criminal defense promote themselves as OUI defense attorneys.

Although driving under the influence is a crime, defending against it is extremely specialized and separate from opposing any other form of criminal prosecution. Almost every criminal defense lawyer also advertises as an OUI lawyer. If you interview those people, inquire about their attendance. Inquire about how many trials they’ve won based on chemical test findings.

Finally, at the initial interview, inquire about your chances of winning or receiving a lower fee. Anyone who clearly answers that question should be crossed off your list. That lawyer has no notion how much hard inquiry is required and/or has no intention or knowledge of how to perform it.

Singh Law 4 U has handled innumerable serious criminal and OUI offenses as a reputable law firm and tried scores of them in front of juries. At Singh Law 4 U, our expertise as standard criminal defense lawyers, as well as our attorney’s specific knowledge, education, and training as OUI defense lawyers, allows us to confidently represent ourselves as both criminal defense lawyers and OUI lawyers.


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