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All types of criminal charges are stressful, but being charged with a felony can be terrifying. These charges are serious, and they can disrupt a person’s life and reputation. Without the right defense, you may be wrongful convicted and receive harsh penalties. Felonies are severe allegations, and they may have life-long consequences and liabilities that are life-altering.

Consequences of felony 

Following a felony conviction, there are a few severe consequences that you may face:

  • Minimum imprisonment terms
  • Extensive fees and fines
  • More extended periods of release that are supervised
  • Losing your right to have a firearm
  • Losing a professional license
  • Losing the right to vote and the ability to serve on the jury
  • Not being able to serve in the armed forces

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If you get arrested for a crime that is considered a felony, you have a problem. Charges of a felony demand an experienced and tough defense so they can save your freedom and future. If you or your loved ones are under investigation or charged with a felony, then talk to an attorney immediately. At Singh Law 4 U, a MA felony defense attorney can provide the guidance and defense you need.

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